Thursday, 16 July 2009


We are famous. Well, a little bit, in a local newspaper kind of way.

Articles on Seven Hills WI have been in the Sheffield Star and Look Local this week.

Here are the links:

That is all.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Stop Press!

Look out for articles about Seven Hills WI in The Star and Look Local...and spread the word!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Our very first ever meeting...

Will be on Thursday, 20th August at 7.30pm at the Red Deer pub, Pitt Street, Sheffield S1 4DD (it's just off West Street).

It's completely free, so come and see what we're all about.

If you like the look of it (and us), you can join up at this meeting. It costs just £29 to join for a whhhoooollle year, which is very cheap considering the amazing things we've got planned for you.

Or, if after the first meeting you're not sure, you can come along to September's meeting (where we will be holding a craft workshop) for just £3 to get a bit more of a feel for what we'll be doing (and then fall so in love with the WI that you just have to become a member...)

We have a Facebook group here: if you want to have a nosy. Or if you've got a question (preferably WI related!) email

The Seven Hills of Sheffield...

Hello people. You are looking at the blog for Seven Hills Women's Institute - a wonderful new group for the females of Sheffield.

So, you might be wondering who we are, what we do and why you should be bothered, right? Well, I'll tell you.

Seven Hills WI is an exciting little project, brought to life by Sheffield twenty-somethings Lindsay Garfitt, Jennifer Marsden and Kim Whelan.

A place for women to meet, learn new stuff, share ideas, show off their own talents, fundraise and have fun whilst drinking wine and eating cakes. (Not all at the same time - we're good, but not that good!)
We'll be planning a varied programme with stuff like craft workshops, interesting speakers, bellydancing workshops, picnics, clothes swapping parties and lots more.
It's run for women, by women, so if there is something you'd like to see on the programme, come along and suggest it. We're all really nice, not at all scary, except maybe first thing in a morning...

Because there are so many talented people in our city and so many women looking for an exciting new interest. Seven Hills WI blends the two perfectly, come and try it, you might just like it!