About SHWI

The first committee 2009/10

Seven Hills WI was formed in 2009 by friends Lindsay Garfitt, Kim Whelan and Jennifer Marsden. 

Seven years later, we now have 135 members! 

SHWI gives women the chance to get together to learn new stuff, show off their own skills and generally have fun. 

We're passionate about fundraising for local good causes and have raised over £15,000 since we were formed in 2009. 

Members have enjoyed all kinds of activities at meetings so far, including bellydancing, burlesque, self-defence and craft workshops. 

With Rev Kate Bottley in January 2016

Seven Hills WI Presidents
2009 - 2014 Lindsay Garfitt
2014 - 2016 Kirsty Bowen
2016 - 2017 Grace Escott-Tebbutt
2017 - Laura Bainbridge-Hattersley