Friday, 19 March 2010

SHWI's next top model...

Ladies and, well, just ladies, here is a lovely photo of your SHWI Committee for 2009/10.

Here's a guide to who's who:

The dons (or something like that)
President: Lindsay Garfitt
Secretary: Kim Whelan
Treasurer: Jen Marsden

The mafia
Vice President: Lisa McCalla
Assistant Secretary: Amy Bradley
Assistant treasurers: Vicky Porteous & Zowie Forwood
Events assistants: Sarah Waterhouse & Blanche Duggleby
Fundraising assistants: Rosie Bates & Ruth Kirkman
Sub-committee: Lucy Crookes & Katie Mountain

Back row, from left to right: Amy, Lucy, Katie, Kim, Blanche, Vicky, Ruth and Lisa.

Front row, left to right: Jen, Rosie, Sarah and Lindsay.

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